We are seeking investor partners

Are you a real-estate investor, equity fund manager or private investor? The private education sector is rapidly growing and in many cases the demand outweighs the supply. IEC has the know-how, experience and resources to open and operate new schools. We have a number of opportunities throughout the region and we’d like to talk to you about the benefits of investing in international schools.

Demand for schools

GCC Education Market Overview

Return on investment & benefits

Whether it be a financial benefit, a long term tenant or contribution to the community. There are many benefits to owning and operating private international schools. Typically when we look to deploy a new school with our partners, we establish a PropCo and an OpCo. The idea being that the OpCo (school operating company) leases the school facilities from the PropCo (property company). This makes it easy for investors to opt-in to their preferred investment model, or both!

Property Company / Landlord (PropCo)

School Operations Company (OpCo)