Together we can make a lasting difference

Creating successful schools is complex, with many decisions that require specialized expertise. For decades, our experts have helped schools to provide the highest standards in education and are recognized leaders in international school development who can handle every aspect of leading schools to outstanding.

With our 20 years of prior experience, we can provide you with a customized school improvement solution that will support your vision for providing world-class education. Our approach is collaborative, expert and rigorous.

Together we can help your school set standards of excellence by providing support in the following areas:

School Improvement Plans

Our improvement services

Getting ready for a school inspection can be stressful. Let us take the stress out of your school inspection by ensuring you are ready to hit the ground running when the inspection team arrive. Schools are usually at different stages of readiness for inspection. No matter what stage you are at, our consultants can help you prepare for an inspection and have an excellent record of improving schools across a range of different contexts.

To provide students with the knowledge and skills to flourish in later phases of education and life, it is important to understand student levels. Schools that implement best practise take this understanding to put interventions in place and track progress so that attainment can be raised. Let us support your journey towards outstanding through our baseline reports and monitoring services by determining a starting point to measure student progress against. Our experienced consultants will build on existing evidence to create criteria for baselines and set floor standards to measure performance and track your progress. When we carry out a baseline review our team will work in partnership with your school principal and senior leadership team.

Schools that implement best-practices are always focused on how they can develop to improve. Let us help support your vision to achieving outstanding by assisting you to out a school improvement plan in place. To do this we will work closely with your principal and senior leadership team to analyse school data and evidence to develop an improvement plan that is challenging but realistic.

To drive your vision to become outstanding, it is important you focus on your highest priority goals to ensure your entire school can grow, evolve and adapt accordingly. Our consultants are former educators and leaders in education and we understanding how schools work. We will help you to identify focus areas and understand the context within your school so interventions can be put in place that will bring about real change.

Setting high standards when it comes to safeguarding processes and procedures to protect children is paramount in your journey towards becoming an outstanding school. Our extensive safeguarding experience in schools can provide sound advice to improve the safeguarding of your children to avoid critical incidents and ensure you are meeting Ministry of Education requirements. We can help improve safeguarding in your school by reviewing current safeguarding activities and offer training, advice, guidance, model policies and practical support to ensure children are kept safe and your school meets statutory requirements.

The most valuable asset any school has is its staff. Schools that are outstanding realise this and invest in professional development so that staff have the knowledge and skills to be ahead. We can offer your school a variety of professional development opportunities for your teachers and management to expand their skills. Our consultants are able to provide a wide-range of training opportunities through on-site workshops and professional certifications.

School Improvement Services Brochure

What our clients say

I would like to express my appreciation to Intuitive Education Consultation Company (IEC) for all that they did in helping us a start up school and the professionals who work in it. IEC marketing strategies, such as the social media campaign, the leadership and management skills, and transformational performance plans which they have been implementing in our new school are only a few of the excellent services that they offered which helped our staff achieve their Early Childhood knowledge and experience. I have been impressed by the IEC professionalism in their Educational staff, they go above and beyond to make sure that our all our staff are taken care of and have reached their goals. I highly recommend IEC to any individual or organization interested in expanding their educational services.
Doha Academy Al Khobar Saudi Arabia
Nadia AlDossary
It is in the nature of an International School to be isolated from the tradition providers of professional development as well as quality assurance. IEC has been able to support our school in both these areas. It is important in education to have a critical friend and I find that IEC's professional advisors are both personable and supportive and are able to suggest real improvements that a school can act on.
Multinational School Riyadh
Peter Heron
High School Principal