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Opening a school and creating successful schools is complex, with many decisions that require specialised expertise. We understand every aspect of the school start-up and management process, from developing a vision to the steps required for ensuring every student receives a world-class education. Our school feasibility studies include the following stages:

Stage One - Market Research & Marketing Plan

Market Research

Market research can prove invaluable in determining your idea’s potential. We take our clients through a process that helps you understand the market you wish to open and operate a school in.

School Feasibility Study

Marketing Plan

Given the school market research and the opportunity it identified, we define with you the following:

  1. Your target population market segments.
  2. Your school product, including:
    • The Values you will abide by.
    • Curriculum.
    • Accreditation.
    • Student Genders.
    • Student Grades and Programs.
    • Staffing Capability.
    • Campus Facilities.
    • Campus Location.
    • Resources.
    • Student Academic Outcomes.
    • Pricing.
  3. Targeted student numbers over time.

Stage Two - School Business Plan

Business Plan Workshop

Our consultants facilitate business planning workshops with key school stakeholders where we discuss and document the following:

  1. The Opportunity.
  2. Overall Strategies:
    • Market Position and Target Markets.
    • Premises and Location.
    • School Licensing.
    • Curriculum and Accreditation.
    • Leadership and Management.
    • Governance.
    • Staffing.
    • Information Communication Technology.
    • Resources.
    • Teacher to Student Numbers.
    • Fee Structure.
    • Health and Safety.

Business Plan Development

We use outputs from market research and business planning work shops to develop comprehensive school strategic business plans that cover:

  1. School Vision, Mission and Values.
  2. Overall Strategies.
  3. Financial Strategic Objectives.
    • Including: Base Case, Best case, Worst Case Financial Projections
  4. Individual Strategic Objectives.

Strategic Objectives would generally be implemented in areas such as:

  • Student Achievement.
  • Quality of Teaching and Learning.
  • Behavior and Safety.
  • Quality of Leadership and Management.
  • Community Involvement.
  • School Infrastructure.
  • School Marketing and Sales.
  • School Financial Performance.

Stage Three - School Opening Program

School Opening Program Plan

Once we have a school strategic business plan, we develop a program of work with the school’s governors and senior management that integrates a number of related K – 12 private school projects required to achieve the school’s overall strategies and strategic objectives. Typically, the related school projects defined include:

  • Company Registration, Government Licensing and Related Approvals.
  • School Governance Design and Implementation.
  • School Business Planning.
  • Curriculum Accreditation and Implementation.
  • Teaching and Learning Process Development and Implementation.
  • Support Function Process Development and Implementation.
  • Property and Facilities Design and Development.
  • School Furnishing.
  • School Resourcing.
  • Staffing, including Organization Design and Recruitment.
  • Staff Professional Development.
  • Technology Planning, Procurement and Implementation.
  • Marketing Procurement and Implementation.

For each project we define an achievable plan that includes, in the context of the overall school opening program plan, its:

  • Strategic Objectives.
  • Scope Management.
  • Time Management.
  • Quality Management.
  • Cost Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Human Resource Management.
  • Procurement Management.
  • Stakeholder Management.
  • Communications Management.

School Opening Program Implementation

The School Opening Program involves implementing the agreed, realistic and achievable, program plan to successfully open the school on the targeted date.

Typically, this involves a small, skilled and experienced program team from IEC and the client implementing the program plan in the same areas identified in the school opening program plan, including:

During school opening:

IEC will provide consultants with subject matter expertise in each of the areas above, and in effective program and project management.

The program, and its projects, will be tightly executed, monitored and controlled and closed against its plan.

School Opening Team

We are responsible for the effective opening of all our schools and to do this we open our schools with our team of highly experienced education, business and industry experts. We aim to ensure that every school we open provides the highest quality in education and opens according to the objectives our clients set.

Each IE School is designated a School Opening Team. Each of our opening teams will include:

  • Academic Director and School Improvement Consultants to support the selection and implementation of your chosen curriculum.
  • Program Manager to plan and execute the overall school opening program.
  • Business Consultant to prepare school opening budgets and to provide risk management support.
  • Recruitment Specialist to recruit your teachers and staff.
  • Procurement Specialist to support purchasing of school supplies and furniture.
  • Marketing Consultants to plan and implement marketing strategies.
  • School Operations Consultant to prepare and implement school policies and procedures.
  • Technology Support Specialists to prepare and implement school management systems.

What our clients say

The team at IEC conducted a very professional feasibility study to open a new segregated boys and girls international school in Riyadh. After visiting their school and seeing the results of the feasibility study, we felt that well informed enough to progress with acquiring land and starting the process to open the school. With IEC as our partner we wish the opening of the school to be a success.
- Anonymous
a private investment firm in Saudi Arabia

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