We know what makes a successful school

We are a successful school operator in the Middle East that provides an end-to-end solution for education management. Every school is different, we work with you to execute your vision and assist in developing a school that best meets the needs of your target market. We handle every aspect of the process to ensure you can offer a school that you can be proud of in terms of the education you provide and the community you serve in a business model that is robust and sustainable.

School management functions

  • Curriculum development support
  • Methods for capturing academic performance data to measure and improve outcomes
  • Support to execute the use of learning technologies in the delivery of the curriculum
  • Support for your staff to deliver innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Principal performance management that measures progress against school targets
  • School financial policies and procedures
  • Whole school and department budgets
  • Risk management guidance and support
  • Staff remuneration policy
  • Corporate finance system*
  • Corporate payroll system*
  • Staff training and support to implement accounting systems
  • Annual audit

*system costs are additional

  • Market research reports to understand the needs and wants of your clients
  • Marketing plans to ensure your marketing budget is spent effectively
  • Brand development strategies
  • Price positioning strategies
  • School communication strategies such as PR, social media and website
  • Staff recruitment services
  • Staff training and development
  • Establishment of HR policies and procedures
  • Establishment of health and safety policies and procedures
  • Creation of financial policies and procedures
  • Help to establish school board committees and parent committees
  • Support with understanding local government school operation requirements
  • Whole school and department resource budgets
  • Department resource acquisition processes
  • Access to IE Schools product partnership relationships
  • Advice on school product and furniture selections to best support student learning
  • Support to select and integrate education and administration technologies
  • Induction and mentoring for Principals
  • Induction for new teachers
  • Continuous professional development programmes to be used with each staff member
  • Staff training and development opportunities
  • School inspection and development programmes
  • Best-practice support and advice to your staff
  • High quality leadership and management training
  • Support to individual governors on Board roles and duties

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Team Approach

Our expertise in establishing and managing schools, in collaboration with your vision and determination to own an outstanding school are winning ingredients

One Partner, Many Services

We handle every aspect of developing an outstanding school such as facility planning, curriculum accreditation, staff recruitment, ordering school supplies, and staff training to ensure you operate a successful school

Reputation for Quality

Our main interest is to create some of the best schools in the world. We are passionate about education and have a proven track record for developing thriving schools


We are founded on strong ethical values and we take pride in being open, honest and crystal clear in everything we do. We will engage in open communication to ensure you are fully informed every step of the way


We are constantly striving to make education the best it can possibly be and we are determined to improve education worldwide by encouraging collaboration and giving schools everything they need to reach their full potential


We believe successful schools rely on the effective collaboration between all parties involved in a school. The future of education relies on this commitment to collaboration and working together to better education in all communities