The importance of Quality Professional Development for Teachers and Leaders

So you chose to become a teacher…whether that was 1 year ago, 10 years ago or 17 years ago like me (gulp), you will have now realized how much the career changes month on month. What was once classified as “Outstanding” practice is not anymore. The goal posts constantly move and narrow and getting the shot at that elusive “Outstanding” grading can sometimes seem like an educational minefield.

But all is not lost.

Good School Leaders need to fulfill 2 jobs when deciding on their annual PD Programme:

  1. What training do we need to meet the requirements of this academic year’s School Improvement Plan?


  1. What training do individual sta members need to further their own professional development as educators?

One thing is for certain though – in order to become superb NQTs, Middle Leaders, or Senior Leaders schools need outside assistance. Rarely have I ever stepped foot in a school where practitioners on any level are given the time to read the TES with a nice coffee or have a relaxing Google search on what they would like their next training session to be. There is simply no time with today’s educational restraints. However, it is crucially important that educators reach out and embrace the help that can be offered to them not only for an improvement in their overall school inspection judgment but for their staff’s personal growth and wellbeing.

At Intuitive Education, we understand this. We’ve been there. We know that PD begins at the heart of your school. No two schools are the same, so no two PD sessions should be the same! We believe that through a thorough consultation with you, we can design individual Professional Development packages that will best t the needs of your sta and students alike.

Examples of PD packages we can offer:

  • Middle Leaders preparing for Inspection
  • Feedback and Marking strategies and their effectiveness
  • NQT training (From the first day of September to the last day of term)
  • Coaching and mentoring training for underperforming teachers
  • SEF and School Development Planning writing
  • Effective Questioning in lessons
  • Assessment and interpreting data

This is only a small example of a huge collection of our PD training sessions, but as previously stated, all sessions will be customized and created for you and your school.

– Jennifer McGuigan

Academic consultant Jennifer McGuigan has 17 years’ experience within education in Ireland, the U.K. and the Middle East, working at Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and Head Teacher Levels. In her most recent school in the U.K. she led a phenomenal change, taking it from “Serious Weaknesses” to “Good” within 24 months. She has also worked as a Specialist Leader of Education for a registered National Teaching Alliance, helping troubled schools in numerous areas, from supporting NQTs in the early years to dealing with capability procedures.